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HAPPYFITMAMA – wywiad z biegaczką, blogerką i mamą bliźniąt!

Biegaczka i blogerka, zakręcona na puncie jogi, fitnessu i zdrowego jedzenia, a do tego mama bliźniaczej parki? Gdy wpadłam w sieci na Angelę z HappyFitMama wiedziałam, że jest idealną kandydatką na małe przepytywanie 🙂

Nawet dziecko wie, że internet skraca dystans, ale dopiero teraz przekonuję się o tym na własnej skórze (btw: zwykle potraktowanej filtrem 50, choć tak tu pali, że dostępne są nawet SPF100!). Nie dość, że codziennie mam kontakt z Wami przez maile, FB i Instagram (niezmienne dzięki), to jeszcze raz na jakiś czas wpadam na Wirtualną Motywację. Kogoś, kto ma po części podobną historię, ale jest kilka kroków dalej i dodaje otuchy, że SIĘ DA.

Taka jest dla mnie Angela z bloga HappyFitMama. Zostawiam Wam tutaj naszą rozmowę i liczę na to, że za pewien czas też udowodnię – choćby samej sobie – że bieganie i bycie mamą świeżo narodzonej parki mogą iść razem w parze 🙂


Angela, I’ll say it one more time – I’m so excited that I found you in the online world! 😊 Let’s start from the beginning: what is your running story? Have you always been a sport freak?

I didn’t find running till I was almost 30.  Before then, I would run ever

y so often but it would never be more than 3 miles.  I was more of a gym rat. I loved sweating it out on cardio machines and hitting the weights.  I had a dream of doing a half marathon before I turned 30. I had never trained for anything before and my half was going to be my first race…ever!  Once I did the race, I was hooked. I fell for running hard! What is your favorite running distance?

I really like the 10 mile distance.  It’s perfect because you don’t need months of training to do well in it and it doesn’t take hours to finish. Plus, it’s not an out effort like a 5k or shorter. You’re certified RRCA (Road Runner’s Club of America) coach. How does this certification process look like? Is it what you do right now for a living?

To become a RRCA certified running coach, you need to attend an in-person weekend workshop.  Once you complete that, you can take the exam. Being a certified running coach is a side business for me and is something that I do more for fun.  My main job is as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehabilitation. I also do freelance writing in addition to my blog, Happy Fit Mama.

Who is older – your twins or HappyFitMama blog? 😊 Why did you start to write?

My twins are older by 1.5 years. While I was on maternity leave, I really got into reading healthy living blogs.  Over time, I started to think that it would be fun to have my own blog. I finally decided to go for it in December 2011 and I’ve been writing ever since. I have many parent-readers who run or exercise on a regular basis. What can they read about on your blog? 

Over the years, my focus has switched to mostly running.  I like to share my weekly workouts, healthy recipes and workouts that anyone, runner or not, can do.  I’m a huge fan of strength training so a lot of my shared workouts focus on that. How was your pregnancy? Could you keep active lifestyle? There are sooo many theories about how to act when expecting twins!

My pregnancy was uneventful until I hit 32 weeks when I was put on modified bed rest.  Up until then, I went to the gym 4-5 times/week, did yoga 2 times/week and walked at least 3-4 miles/day.  I did not run at all during my pregnancy since I had stopped running when we were trying to get pregnant. And once we got pregnant, I had zero desire to resume it.  

I’m so curious how it was to come back to sport after delivery. When did you start and what did you start with? Woman are often discouraged from running as their first discipline after the pregnancy. Please, share your story.

As incentive to get out of the house and to return to activity, I signed up for a half marathon that was 4.5 months after the kids were born.  I didn’t start running until I was given the ok at 6 weeks postpartum. Prior to that, I was walking every day at least 3 miles. Looking back, I can’t say that doing a half marathon so soon after birth was the greatest idea.  It’s my slowest half marathon time to date and afterwards, I took a 3 month break from running. The good thing about having a goal race is that it gave me a break from being in mom mode. I could hit the road and not think about anything or have to do anything other than run. I really need this: any advices how to combine running trainings with twinswould be just great!

For me, my double running stroller was a life saver.  I could get out of the house no matter what. I also am very fortunate to have a husband who would practically push me out of the house to go on a run.  He knew I needed it for my mental health. What are your running goals or dreams?

Right now I’m kind of goal-less.  I spent the majority of 2017 injured and am kind of afraid of going all in with training right now.  Injuries can really mess with your brain!

Did you run somewhere in Europe? 😊

I’ve never been to Europe but would love to run everywhere!   Is there any dream race you would like to take part in?

I’d love to do UTMB.  It’s crazy but the experience would be amazing!

I know you are yogi too. Do you think it helps you in your running results?

Absolutely!  It helps with keeping my muscles loose but also with breathing.   Thank you so much for your time! I wish you all the best, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


Angelę znajdziecie na blogu HappyFitMama, Facebooku i Instagramie – warto!


Piszę dla Was, więc dajcie znać: lubicie wywiady? Mam sporo kandydatów na kolejne wypytywanie – z Polski i z USA. Co Wy na to?

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